Upcoming MiWay fare changes and service improvements in 2024

The City is increasing certain transit fares by 6.25% to 8.2%, effective April 1st, to generate additional funds for enhancing the overall quality of transit service delivery

Starting April 1, the City is planning to raise some transit fares in order to help fund further improvements in transit service delivery.

The City of Mississauga is investing nearly $4 million towards MiWay transit service improvements in 2024 to respond to increased ridership demand, customer needs and future growth. This will include an additional 57,000 more MiWay service hours to improve reliability and increase service capacity on MiWay’s routes.

The City is also planning for nearly $2 billion in capital work over the next 10 years to build more bus stops and shelters, as well as maintain and expand transit infrastructure throughout the city.

In addition, Mississauga is advancing key transit projects, including Lakeshore Higher Order Transit and Dundas Bus Rapid Transit, and investing $85.2 million for hybrid bus acquisitions to replace older diesel buses with low or zero-emission vehicles to support the City’s Climate Change Action Plan goals.

The City is also improving the transit customer experience by constructing 30 more standard bus shelters in Mississauga and constructing 36 enhanced bus shelters along major roadways that are larger, heated and provide more seating.

MiWay’s 2024 fares

The following changes to MiWay fares will be effective April 1, 2024.

On May 1, 2023, MiWay introduced a pilot program that makes transit service in Mississauga even more affordable. The program allows children ages six to 12 to ride MiWay for free with a valid PRESTO card, and a $1 all-day fare for seniors 65 and older.

MiWay Regular Fare TypesFare AmountsEffective April 1, 2024% IncreaseCash Fare$4$4.256.25%PRESTO Open Payment Fare$4$4.256.25%Youth PRESTO Single Fare$2.45$2.658.2%Adult PRESTO Single Fare$3.20$3.406.25%Adult PRESTO Monthly Pass$131$1417.6%

Ontario’s One Fare Program

As of Feb. 26, 2024, Ontario’s One Fare Program provides transit riders with free transfers when connecting to and from MiWay and the TTC, GO Transit, Brampton Transit, York Region Transit (YRT) and Durham Region Transit. This program delivers significant benefits for MiWay customers who want to transfer between MiWay and the TTC at any location where the two services connect.

For more information or for the latest MiWay updates, visit the MiWay website.

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