City of Mississauga is seeking input on naming streets, buildings and more

The names of our streets, community centres and parks help tell our City’s story. Naming these is an honour and should be taken seriously. That is why we are reviewing and gathering community feedback about our naming policies and processes; working to ensure we have an equitable, diverse and inclusive approach to naming in the future. You are invited to join us at a community meeting to voice your thoughts and provide feedback on the City’s guiding principles related to naming, place-making and commemoration.

Meeting details:


Community meeting where all are welcome to come and share their thoughts and feedback on the guiding principles, developed with research and in consultation with the community, for future naming, placemaking and commemoration.

All Mississauga community members interested in learning more about the City’s future approach to naming, placemaking and commemoration. Particularly those from South Asian, Black, Indigenous or other racialized communities.

Thursday, November 2, 2023
6 to 8 p.m.

Mississauga Valley Community Centre
Program Room 1

This community meeting is being offered both in-person and virtually (online). Please register in advance, especially if you wish to attend virtually. Online details will be shared with those who select the virtual option upon registering.

Mississauga remains committed to building a strong, more inclusive and accessible city where community stories are authentically documented and shared.

To learn more about the City’s Asset Naming Review, please visit the website at

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